Monday, May 3, 2010

Through a Whimsical Popsicle

Through a Whimsical Popsicle

The jelly-filled centre of an icicled popsicle,
Glistens to the rainbow-coloured mind so whimsical
Out in sunshine, the drops fall like shiny diamonds,
As wondrous as pearls of water on freshly washed lemons.

What if a soul so colourful may run dry one day?
Shrivel and wither, the creek of cold may wash it away.
Sigh and turn away, with nothing left to say,
Only to wish the hues may return, begone the gloom and gray.


The moon rose to grace the starry shimmer,
Water gurgled, clouds descended, the moon shone dimmer.
Far in the horizon, fixed was the solitary gaze,
Of a beautiful stranger, engulfed in a melancholic haze.

Lost in his thoughts, as he walked with muffled steps on the grass,
"A soul searcher, is he?" whispered the wind to the stars.
As the stars only dimmed in negation as a reply,
Ambled he, in sweet langour, oblivious of the quiet, discerning sky.


Lost in words, lost in time, he walked to the starry shore.
Stood there an apparition like a lonesome tree in the middle of a moore.
A cloud with a silver lining it appeared to be,
Was it more than what his eyes could see?

Time stood still, there was only the sound of universal silence,
And the wind rustled a blanket of mist on them so dense.
They stared at each other; every inch of their being rapt and intense,
While soaking every bit of this surreal essence.


He began to envision the Road of Light to hope and joy.
Long since he had dreamt of it, when he was only a boy.
A shadow of his future, the apparition was indeed,
The torch-bearer, it was of his heart, that he was to heed.

He felt the water slowly wash away his melancholy,
His heart bloomed in happiness, as bright as the vermilion fruit of holly.
Embraced he, the divine soul, a white cloud of hope with a silver line,
Only to realize that all this while he had been dreaming a dream so fine.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Misery and The Cold War of Gloom

Misery and The Cold War of Gloom
The Clock with its outsretched arms,
Tries to embrace the elusive Time.
The arms tall and angular, of no visible harm,
Time evades, the Clock muffles a soft chime.

Accomplices of Time, the Hours and Minutes.
Slip by, as the arms rotate in desperation.
Last lap approaces, the Clock at its end of wits.
Emerges the cloak of Darkness, the Time of Liberation.

Misery sits in solitude, perched atop the Tree of Life.
Lone audience to the waging war of Cold and Gloom.
The dark Shadow looms large, being Darkness' wife,
Hence the war is fought beneath the turf where sunflowers bloom.

With daggers drawn and crossed swords,
Damp flows out of cold, Gloom pervades.
Cold benumbs Misery; at Gloom, Victory lauds.
Cold basks in the warmth of Misery, isolation shades.

Time holds out his slender hand to Misery,
Isolation floats around her like a shield of black and blue.
The children of the sands of Time swallow her, in a bid to bury.
Fate descends on Isolation, the future known to a chosen few.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Doggie on Skates

For the uninitiated, I've been passing through the most difficult of times for the past few months. And so an upsurge has been witnessed by my dearest of dear friends and enemies off late. Not that I bother, but yes I do bother about my friends. Enemies:: HA HA. They'd be better off dead than standin'! So basically this post is just to get rid of the angst within. I think one of these days, I'm going to be referred to an anger management class somehwere. But then, a person reacts to the stimuli he is exposed to. You give me crap, I'll give you pig crap! It has to be a fair game. Okay, I really don't know what I set out to write. Doggie on skates is me, whizzing past, tumbling along, woofing about..*Sigh!*..its a dog's life after all. Will be back soon with nice poetry and paintings.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Post Hibernation

I decided to stop hibernating and returning to my blog :D (courtesy my active mind that leads me to the darkest and brightest of the Internet) I don't really have anything to opine on (for a change, yeah!). I've been observing things for the past few months and as always my mind's been moving on a fastrack...if things are the way they should be..the usual p's and q's...the works. So, I decided to draw up a tentative list of apprehensions! (No kidding!!). Here we go:

1. Rose-tinted view of the world pisses me off. People who mock age-old conventions and feign modernity amuse me. (Read: skin tight jeans, gay rights, bollywood taking over the world, free democracy.)

2. Extravagant Indian weddings are a major turn-off. The only things missing our jugglers, trapeze artistes (what with them buffoons getting the weirdo actors to 'perform' at weddings), McDonalds Burgers/Zinger Burgers (Take your pick).

3. Vegetarianism in the 21st century is a blatant myth. Accept it, considering animal bones are used in jams, goat milk is used in lipsticks :D da da da da da

4. People who 'hate' books. God save them...

5. Mobile lingo is a curse to humanity.

6. NDTV Goodtimes (so called good times)has to be the one of the weirdest lifestyle channels around! All I see is an 'aunty'-cum-s'xy mama demonstrating aerobics or salsa and going 1-2-3-4 endlessly..or a guy/man and a girl/woman cooking away to glory using the most obnoxious of ingredients (even Spencers doesnt store them!) all day long. Pity!

7. Orkut trying its best to copy facebook is the biggest blooper in the history of social networking.

8. People taking up quizzes on facebook. LAME.

9. India is the largest democracy of illiterates... HA HA HA..India shining, anyone? Mera Bharat Mahan?

10. Illiterates + bad drivers for sure! I've experienced a surge in my road rage mapping :-\ not good...not at all.

P.S: |No Offence| if you care!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Lazy Afternoon

A Lazy Afternoon

A Lazy Afternoon.

feat. Georgie (RIP)

Cardboard cutout and some experimentation with the 2 o' clock light filter.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

George Harrison

A humble beginning. Well, I was feeling creative so decided to do some fan art. Long since I made wallpapers and stuff like that. And since I'm totally in love with Georgie dearest...Long Live Georgie \m/

Friday, May 29, 2009

"Don't be an ass!!!"

Just what the title says, "Don't be an ass!!!" ..and I dedicate this cartoon to all the asses out there!